Science is at the heart of the lab, and our goal is to develop new therapies to help people. However, we all have interests outside of the lab. It is part of what keeps us all sane and human. Below are some of the plays that I have written over the years.

Galileo Walking Among the Stars

Galileo Walking Among the Stars was written while I was working as a postdoc at MIT. The first draft was completed in 2003 and had a staged reading at the Ensemble Studio Theatre which was a huge honor. It was a brilliant reading. The ending was reworked in 2008. galileostars

The Reception

The Reception is a play about a group of women at the singles table at a wedding. If Dante had lived in the 20th or 21st century, he would have clearly included a ring of hell involving the single person’s table at weddings. Invariably, no one knows each other, and everyone is wondering why they can’t sit with their friends. The Reception throws a dead body, a bouquet, and a wedding cake into the fray. It was produced at MIT and at the Attic Theatre in LA. reception

The Inheritance

The Inheritance was written when I inherited the family nursing chair. My mom and I drove down to Lynchburg to learn more about her and my family. The Inheritance is a work of fiction, but it wouldn’t exist without Diana Lavik, and Emma in the play is as close as I have ever gotten to what made her wonderful. The Inheritance


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